Blood Red

Poem By Beatrice Preti

The Devil’s nails are sharp, blood red
She cuts your soul: if you scream, you’re dead
She rips you to shreds, but you bear the pain
Because you have too much to lose, and nothing to gain
The Devil plays games; she thinks that they’re fun
But when you bleed out, she turns and moves on
You can’t see her face. She hides in the dark.
She licks her lips waiting to rip you apart
But you won’t see her coming; you won’t even know
But you’ll feel the destruction, the heartache, the blow
The Devil is cunning, and she’ll tear up your life
Rip the air from your lungs, and the light from your eyes
Oh, rules don’t exist when the Devil is near
She’ll kill you before you even know that she’ll there
She’ll gouge out your heart, and she’ll twist up your gut
She’ll burn all your skin, leave you rotting to dust
She’ll attack and attack until you’ve gone insane
You’ll fall on your knees and you’ll scream out her name
Then she’ll let you pass on, away from this world
While the whole world sees just a lost, little girl
They’ll call it “tragic”, but the Devil knows well
That a new soul has entered that paradise called ‘Hell’
And you’ll never escape, because you’ve given in
To the darkness around you, created through sin
Oh, no one can help you, now that your soul is dead
Thanks to that dastardly Devil, with nails stained blood red

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Very good thought provoking poem, with some truth....10. You might be interestested in my poems Hollywood Morals and What if...

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