Blood So Red

Poem By Sez Farr

I sit in a corner, surrounded by mist,
Staring at the blood running down my wrist,
Glancing at the knife, covered in blood so red,
Screaming at god asking why im not dead,

I run outside its pouring rain,
People stare they think im insane,
How dare they judge me, they don’t know,
About all of this pain I never show,
I fall to my knees, and stare up to the starlit sky,
How did it get to this I begin to cry,
You run to me and catch me before I fall,
Tears running down your face, for help you call,

Baby, let me go, leave me be,
I feel the life draining from me,
Just know that I love you, always have, always will,
You gave me everything, I think of you as my heart grows still,

Goodbye my babe, I will wait forever for you,
You screamed and held my lifeless body tight, u whispered no…no…
Don’t you leave me, I love you, don’t go
You cried and cried
You didn’t get a chance to say anything before I died,
Please don’t hate me for the decision I made,
Because a long time ago it was me you saved,
Don’t cry for me baby, im watching over you, im not far away,
Im waiting for you, and forever in my heart you’ll always stay….

Comments about Blood So Red

love can go beyond life, it transcends to the unknown where ones love finds infinity.. No matter what one does in loving, it still marks the very essence of life... love is till death do us part! good write... there is love even in sadness and death.10 for you.
The sadness flows through every word in this poem, very well written!

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