Blood Stained Cross

Poem By James Waters

Holy cross stained by blood
Lasting impression of Christ above
Beaten, tortured, to pay for sin
Of the unworthy, unclean, our beast within

A trail of tears
Mark the path he laid
To the ancient hill top
Where God’s hand was played

Nailed to the cross
For the world to see
Our redeemer, our lord
Did make his plea

Like macabre marionettes
We beasts did watch with glee
The dripping blood
That set us free

How do we the retched repay this debt?
This gift of torture and pain
We slap away Gods loving hand
We spit his holy name

We commit rape and adultery
We murder and we steal
We stare God in the face
We say “you’re not real”

How easily we forget
The price paid that day
For as spoiled childish humans
We want our own way

We are arrogant fools
Lost in Hell’s plane
Following a sickened society
Of the devilishly insane

We seek Hell
Like kids to the candy
For the pathway to destruction
Is just more handy

When next you gaze
Upon the cross where it lay
Remember the blood
That stained it that day

Comments about Blood Stained Cross

I'm an Atheist and this poem even touched me, a lot of it is because in a way I can relate to it with different circumstances. I supposed that is the beauty of poetry though, it can be taken many ways. Anywho, enough of my rambling, I enjoyed this a lot, very deep and touching.

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