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Blood Stained Sheets.
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Blood Stained Sheets.

Poem By tiyler durden

She lies sleeping so still
I look at her so sublime
I think she loves me
but I still have to kill.

Her neck so soft and warm
I am so torn
Between love and something other
I know I love her
but I cannot let others
have her love as well.

My razor draws a lovely line
I find it so sublime
To see the blood ooze from her throat
I stand and gloat
as the blood flows in the moonlight
She does not put up a fight
as se drifts off into sweet death.

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Comments (4)

Whoa, careful this sounds to me like it is condoning murder!
gave you a ten for actually having the balls to post such gloriously evil poetry. keep em coming!
Whats the Matter Mr Churchill are you jealous or something?
Have to give you a 1 for cowardice, waiting till she was asleep, sign of repressed homosexuality - violence againt women