(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

Beauty In My Eyes

She’s a beautiful landscape for my eyes to gaze upon
A painting of beauty, delighting my mind and senses
She’s so perfectly conducted as a simple angels song
So soothingly through my lips, to my hearts entrance.

She’s the essence of pure beauty in my eyes presence
Rare as the rose in winter, in it’s most beautiful form
She’s beautiful as the sea, my loving heart sails upon
Sheltering me deeply with her love through the storm.

She’s my constellation, The beauty behind my nights
And the candle, igniting my hearts passionate desires
I see her true beauty, that only few could ever realize
In her precious eyes, I see beauty which God inspires.

She’s beautiful as the clouds shattered across the sky
And her tender lips has the sweetest taste as red wine
She’s the angel whom protects my heart and my soul
It’s in her angelic sweetness, I found a love so divine.

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I'm a big fan of vampire stories and I liked this one. I've sometimes compared the phlebotomist to a vampire, they seem to get that joke all the time. One even had a sign over her work area that said 'Vampire at Work.' And you were very brave in this poem (well almost very brave, the vampire didn't seem scary enough to me.) Calling 911 about a vampire, what would they think. Guess it's good the vampire left before the operator answered.
Mostly the nurse seemed to stay calm, beautifully expressed and highlighted the services. Third word wonderfully expresses meaning more than others. Nice combination of ideas of both wife and husband. All should be respected. Nice poem written with unique style.
i really want to change the third word from the ending, from and to AND, but my wife wants to use HER computer. bri :)