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The rhymes that I spit
The thoughts that I admit
That I think about ceaseless
Are the things that I need to get off my mind
For I am going crazy inside
The crimes, the violence,
the wars the lies.
Despite what people think,
I will be me, say what I want to say, and be what I want to be.
What is the world coming to?
No one knows until the very end.
I learned not to depend on anyone to help me be a success
The only person that I can definitely depend on is myself.
And I will always look up to God when I need his help,
I will always worship his name, just because I have my health
And give him his props because without him there would be no us
I have people that I call my friends but I will never truly be able to
Identify the real ones from the fake ones,
The truthful ones from the lying ones,
And the temporary from the permanent ones
It’s kind of sad to me that I don’t know who to trust,
And who to look up to
The models send a message that skinny is what’s in,
The actors and actresses sometimes don’t know how to act,
Some rappers, bands, and singers sometimes show no respect,
Wealth is obviously something everyone wants,
I know for one that money can’t buy me love or happiness.
I also know that I will never let it overpower me and block who I am from shining through.

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