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(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Poem By Moushumi moushumi

To know,
How one is rooted to a tree.
Makes all the difference.
Than being fed false beliefs.
In the hopes this deception,
Makes a lasting impression.
Separately to seek it.
On a mission sought not satisfy.

And this responsibility,
Belongs to the ones to ensure...
Each branch of that planted tree,
Knows who and how it was seeded.
To keep the identity of that tree,
Firmly cemented on the ground.
As was meant when implemented.

With it done to do,
Regardless the color of the leaves.
Or which branch they may sit.
Doing this contributing,
To the growth and strength of the tree!
Ultimately to benefit fresh to grow buds.
Blooming to add awe and wonder,
To the entire tree and it's history!

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