Leave Me Alone

Is it that hard to get out of my face
I'm tired of your spit hitting my cheeks.
Get out of my room and stop causing fights
I'm tired of you seeing through me and not believing.
Why must you leave me alone and push me around
I get tired of you making me hit the ground out of self defense.
I don't know what to say anymore
I told you once more and I'd be gone out that door.
Well I'm gone now don't you see
That it's your fault this time and not me.
Don't look back because I won't be there
Now you wish I was but that's okay because I'm still scared.
This isn't working you trying to talk to me
Everytime we hang out there's always a scene.
Look at me now
Can't you see that you are killing me.
Get out of my head you stupid memories
Here we are and I still can't re-live those past times.
I know it's bad but I don't care
I don't want to be together.
Though I do want this to last forever
But I've seen it all and I just can't deal anymore.

by allora nolasco

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A beautifully romantic poem. I loved it. Please see my poetry and your feedback will be appreciated