AMM (May 21,1988 / Ypsilanti Michigan)


what is it that nourishes the soul?
each new life that comes with each knoll

there is our heart that is small at the start
but then it grows and becomes a bigger heart

bigger with more love, it grows
and with each day it shows.

this is love that blossoms in a beautiful prose
with such beauty that mozart couldn't even compose

it is nourished first with exposure to the sun
I'm not done... I've only just begun

one also needs to accept happiness
but also witness the sadness

be fed daily with laughter and smiles
and be put through many trials

love is what is the nourishing need
that is the special feed indeed

one cannot buy this in a store
it is found deep in your souls core

it will pour out
and with no doubt

blossoms will spring
and with that will bring

new love
with nothing to be deprived of

the blossoms will grow and grow some more
until there isn't anymore

and as the flowers die
it is not a final goodbye

because in heaven begins
another life free of sins

and blossoms anew
and say to the lord, 'I love you'

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