Blossoming Hearts

Like a bud that opens out
revealing what was out of sight
a slow unfurling of beauty made
the day its seed was planted, laid
with much loving, tender care
of water, earth and life giving air
its nature formed eons ago
before the earth was cold with snow
this flower has no leaves or stalk
nor is it rooted to the earth
and doth not its beauty fade with age
it has two legs on which it walks
this flower is blessed with speech and mind
that from all creatures sets apart
that flower is there in every human heart
and if it seeks the light and not the dark
surpasses any blossomed park
that was ever grown with care and love
and tended by the sun above.

by David Taylor

Comments (1)

Yes indeed a blossoming poem if ever there was one. Such a super find. Loved it. love and hugs Ernestine XXX