Before Sleep

The lateral vibrations caress me,
They leap and caress me,
They work pathetically in my favour,
They seek my financial good.

She of the spear stands present.
The gods of the underworld attend me, O Annubis,
These are they of thy company.
With a pathetic solicitude they attend me;
Their realm is the lateral courses.

I am up to follow thee, Pallas.
Up and out of their caresses.
You were gone up as a rocket,
Bending your passages from right to left and from left to right
In the flat projection of a spiral.
The gods of drugged sleep attend me,
Wishing me well;
I am up to follow thee, Pallas.

by Ezra Pound

Comments (5)

Pine scent, blow of winter, an ax in the woods.
Essential to life.... A sensual explosion in a second of time.... Brilliant
Simply mind blowing. wonderful. Here is my Bengali Version (Bengalization/ Bengali Translation) : কুঠারের এক ঘা/ রবার্ট হাস কুঠারের এক ঘা, পাইন কাঠের গন্ধ, শীতের অরণ্য। * তাৎক্ষণিক বাঙলায়ন: রহমান হেনরী
Scent of fresh wood can be felt by cutting tree by axe sure!