DS (August 4 / Florida)

Blowing Soft Kisses (Couplets)

Pragmatism overtakes family tradition
Quietly, I meditate past and dear memories

Smokey Gray, along with his cousin, Charles, and I
Walked out on the front property, the cedar

The perfect size for our cozy eight hundred square
Foot mountaintop cottage, a tall and slender tree

Soon to be adorned with a lifetime of love’s
Reminiscences, a spirit of its own, an evergreen

Icon for eternal promises, a song for New Year
Hopes and promised new life, a communion to

Be fully lived, poignant treasure of life’s endless
Love, softly, a Mozart CD plays reverent

Tranquility and I think of them, and mist up
Gone now, my dear grandmother, the rock of my childhood,

My dad who always lassoed his dreams, and Pete
A charming gentleman, my favorite one to beat

At family games of Tonk, Smokey Gray’s dear old pop
Our dinner table, so empty, so big, so large

Their sweet countenances so very missed, as
I drag that dried up cedar tree to the bonfire

Up on the hill, a peaceful place, encircled gates
At heaven’s place, I feel them all blowing soft kisses

(2 January,2007 ~ Heart’s Tears, Tennessee)

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truly enoyed reading this..................well done
very good poem, well constucted.