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Blowing The Foam (Adult Limericks)

Blowing The Foam (Adult Limericks)

Poem By Glenn Bagshaw

There once was a fellow named Rye
woh did drinking with Jimmy Not-Dry.
Never once before gay, Jimmy was short on his pay,
and when dry he then swallowed down Rye!

A scoutmaster had new recruits.
He reduced them to their birthday suits.
He took off their pants. They picnic-ed in France-
ants bite, scoutmasters give...toots!

A madam from a bar in Nepal
liked all of her gentlemen tall.
One was five foot two, with a bazooka kazoo-
'Not at all' she recalled, 'was he small!

Two sisters, Yesterday and Today,
Let a bloke named McRay have his way.
But much to his sorrow
Their brother Tomorrow
Knocked McRay to last Sunday in May

There was a young lady named Flynn,
Not stout, but exceedingly thin.
She put a revolving door
In skin her boyfriend would bore—
he came in, he came out, he came in.

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