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Blowing Up People
GH (5 3 38 / leipzig)

Blowing Up People

They’re blowing up people in London today,
and limbs have been torn from the ones who survive,
regarded as infidels by men who prey
on others who’ve helped them to live and to thrive
remote from the lands where the men were all born,
while feeling rejected because their belief
cannot be accepted by those they don’t warn
before they take actions that cause the world grief.

They’re blowing them up but they blow in the wind
for the storm they are causing is certain to pass;
and fatwas that mullahs today won’t rescind
will shrivel in time like a graveyard whose grass
has been trampled by mourners so often that mud
is all one can walk on when visiting graves.
After these sinners there won’t be a flood,
though hopefully all will go back to their caves.

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