TA (27 july / nigeria)

Blown Away

I was blown away, i couldnt stand the wave
as soft as it came yet stronger than a quake
it shattered every thing that came its way
i tried to hold on but i couldnt bear the pressure
i was hoping to watch the effect it would leave
but all i could do was to hide from its rage
i was broken like clay over-baked in a furnace
all i could do was watch in awe the anger of a raging storm
i could make a move, i was blown away.

I flash back way before your rage came, you were so amazing,
your stillness and gentleness was nothing to be compared
i thought i fell into an ocean i had always known
and that it could never go wrong.
you made me believe peaches could never go sour
you were my teacher; i smiled at everthing you thaught even if i was bored
You were my eight wonder of the world
not until you came that day with you raging words
just like in the movies, i was blown away.

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