🌈 Soon I Must Submit 🌈

So many stories
have been told about me
I can now recognize
The untreated bi polar women in
Their dangerous manic state's
And how I attract them.

Their plight I have suffered as well
Though my dream's from the Seroquel
I must take or once again like them
I'll become and for men it is jail.

The threat of solitairy confinement at
My age could prove fatal due to my unfortunate
Lot of being born in the wrong state, Florida.

I thank my
Mental health case workers I have,
May the care as I age and the care that I need
and my darkest days
that I have and sadness pass them by.

From here on out
I will see my sunset earlier,
From here as I look up at the moon's
last rays of hope.

And more often than not now the shadow of death
I see climb into the window of my room.
The northern clouds without sight now fly south.

And verily yet,
From my hand the sparrows eats crumbs of bread.
Though my heart
Yesterday she said moves side to side in my chest.
I must submit.

As for my unfinished day's,
Can my once strong hand, unnaturally calm,
Have the strength, the iron will to finish it.
Solitude like theirs, when finally it comes is
Should be the end of it.

by James McLain

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phantastic link of west and east.. far out!