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CB (May 3,1962 / United States)


Poem By Charlotte Ballard

Blue as a newborn's eyes.
Blue as a mother with no money for milk.
Blue as the newspaper's boy's bell.
Blue as the type faded in the rain.
Blue as the politician who voted for taxes -
Blue as the taxpayer who voted him out again.
Blue as the buttons on my shirt.
Blue as windows menu scroll bar line.
Blue as centuries wrapped up in books
Blue as diamonds still in the ground.
Blue as a duck's plastic pond.
Blue as a sleepy cat's eyes.
Blue as each inch of my favorite shirt.
Blue as unripe beginnings.
Blue as plastic trash cans.
Blue as the horn that the boy blew.
Blue as uncaught rainwater.
Blue as a jacket wrapped around a stranger.
Blue as my granny's memories and her hair.
Blue for just now, and then, just because.

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