Fine Love Is Truly Divine

Love has the power to cure
It greatly helps one endure
It makes mood jovial
Problems appear trivial

Love always gives succor
It blesses like the maker
Love alone will ever triumph
It gives light like bright lamp

With love when heart is full
Soul never feels ill or dull
Love will make mood light
Showing to soul bright light

Love is a splendid torch
Like Sun, it will march
Love is superior to God
As its approach is broad

Loveless heart is a big desert
A loving heart gives a concert
A heart with pure love excels
Hearts with no love are Hells.

by Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman

Comments (19)

Good write, well put together
nice poem - the Blue the azure - it is the certain uncertainty lovely thanks
nice poem...I like the way it starts...Blue floats and hovers/it never comes to rest (meaning blue of sky and ocean, which is constantly moving and never at rest) ...
Better than either of the two classic poems selected for this day. KAPOW!
Exceptional metaphoric play throughout, young lady, indeed a well crafted and polished composition... ~FjR~
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