Poem By Sam Burton

God blanketed the ice blue sky
with a solid black freedom
thats blinding my eyes
I tap on the roof
it refuses to break
help me pry, please help me pry

its not like the usual
seeing you standing there
I can feel you moving under my skin
I'm concealed in cold
a darkness fell that suffocated my heart
but i will still try to look into the blue
the misty blue

the arctic sweats
with stabbing regrets
a fate fell upon you
a destiny of sorts
that had you mesmerized
strong hands to contort
are now resting weakly
on bloody knees
your wrists are calling to me
but just prior to becoming entwined
in your blue

Red now
overcomes the blue
crimson dominating with burn
I will do my best to perform
a vanishing act
but the salt is so strong
maybe this is where it belongs

walking in shadows with you
the salt has subsided for now
soon with this mist
I will murder it with a kiss
then the level will be equal for a bit
just me and you
consumed with the blue

Comments about Blue

Nice one sam Amazing poetic style here, well done
Sam, I love reading your poems. They are comforting, yet there's an eerie feel to this one. I love it.

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