KB (July 21,1957 / Provo, Utah)


The sign stood planted
nestled among the blue irises
large delicate petals obscuring
the edge of the words

'Blue, the color
of the throat chakra'
light blue morning glories
spun like energetic chakras
around a sunny yellow center
tiny flowers twisting around the words

'Feel the energy
the flowers give off'
hyacyths, the color of Delph pottery
in an outer ring around
the irises

'Speak open
the throat chakra
stretch your voice
in the blue morning light'
five petal forget-me-nots
seemed to say

A nearby blue spruce
nodding sagely in the wind
'What are you saying
as every cell in your body listens'

'What do you feel
basking in the blue
light of nature.'

by Kimberly Burnham

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