HB (11 April 1927 - 8 February 2004 / Durham, United Kingdom)

Blue As The Sky Above You.......

Blue as the sky above you, your tiny wavelets run
You gently tease the shifting sand, warm ridged beneath the sun
And then I see you playful grow, your white tipped tresses flying
In happy gay abandon, in time with sea-birds crying

And now you turn a sullen grey, a dark-browed scowling face
You lash the man-made concrete arms, that try to stay your pace
I hear your voice loud calling in the dark and stormy night
Calling to the wind to join you in your savage reckless fight

I hear the thunder of your waves as they crash against the shore
You seek to make the earth afraid with your vicious angry roar
And yet I stand and ever hope, your freedom to inherit
I revel in your changing moods
And echo them in spirit

by Hilda Bristow

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This lady had great talent. She also knew the sea, she has captured the feeling of its moods beautifully.