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Blue Autumn Angel
Paul Amrod (May 17th,1951 / Chateaugay, New York)

Blue Autumn Angel

Blue Autumn Angel please don’t despair
Waking to clouds brings me down to sweet airs
Blue Autumn Angel please ease your sighing
Sleeping to moons brings me Venus in pairs
Each waking hour send sunsets to sweethearts
Loving is power! I’m hoping it lasts forever
Each dying flower is desire for another start
This moment is ours fondness will perish never
Streams flow from mountains that once were my tomb
Whistling are the winds which rustle a gentle caress
Marigolds are blossoming and dahlias burst forth
Camellias glisten in the Libra sun and from the North
is a storm brewing while the trees redress
the terrain with prismatic marvels at forenoon.
Rosy Angel don’t keep me hiding camouflaged in leaves
I am providing the spirit of imps and pixies through Halloween
Blue Autumn Angel, butterfly princess
Fly to your rebirth through visions of evergreens
Off to the wondrous horizons with myrrh and frankincense
Leaving the gold for the ragamuffins with their anguish and gloom
Dreary with melancholic memories as a damsel does grieve
Uplifting the fortunes of an immaculate eloquence
we predicate the virtues of our values self-conceived
Admiring the ethereal rays from our ravishing harvest moon
Blue Autumn Angel I have a home in your heart
With winter coming only warmth streams from my counterpart
Rosy Angel let’s keep on sliding into a fantasy
Through deep meditation I have enlightened
many Jack O’Lanterns and jaded queens.
The exceeding darkness will bring loneliness
Nonetheless when we cuddle each other love brightens
us with beaming expressions and joyous laughter.
So pleasurably reassuring are these moments as we receive
the gratification of acceptance as our relationship tightens.
As the evening’s cope of heaven reoccurs and Pegasus then appears
we favor to ride her chariot propelling forward shortly thereafter.
Bringing us to the Harvest Goddess we are solemn and sincere
However humbly waiting for Demeter’s greener thumb to interweave
the bountiful with our wishes of togetherness as reality heightens
our thankfulness for her steadfast generosity which never disappears.
The scintillating luminousity pours its elegance through the rains
giving us a spectacle of sights which drift through our spheres.
Opening new perspectives as we find phrases to explain
the parables and oracles which illustrate our entirety.
Pondering pensively we wander through Nature’s dream
Sensitively the mystery unravels as it consequentially remains
Shedding light upon the meadows during the fading afternoon
Blue Autumn Angel as you console my soul with kisses so serene
I shed a tear overwhelmed with euphoria remembering our yesteryears.

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Comments (13)

Libra sun- nice one is catchy. I enjoyed the piece and love the images you created. Great write
Very deep and beautifully descriptive..you are a gem of a poet! ..
A long verse written descriptively and imaginatively
You move through the spaciousness of mythology quite easy.It adds to your vision a space picturable.
Hi Daniel, I have a foot in the traditional American transcendentalism and try to hold on to this pleasant vision of being at one with Nature. Of course being a metaphysical hippy I also pay attention to being at one and aligned with the universe. Thank you for seeing this and commenting upon it. This jammed up world of lies and confusion needs this! Peace, Paul
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