Blue Eyed Girl

There she sits
the blue eyed girl
Little does she know
that she is my world
Her beauty consists
of mulitple dimensions
Each mirroring that she's
God's greatest invention
When she looks at me
her eyes pierce my heart
As my mouth starts to utter
words that fall apart
The feeling she drives
into my soul
Makes my mind
lose control
She is by far
the definition of perfect
Even the sound of her name
makes my feelings surface
Oh to be one
with God's finest creation
would cease this frustration
and would ultimately
bring my salvation
So as I continue to stare
deep in her blue eyes
I slowly and painfully
put on my disguise
Why does it have to be this way
where I can't show who I am
All these colorful feelings
that are growing from my stem
I guess if I take a step
and face my fears
I can possibly move
to a brand new fontier.

by Trevor Schulte

Comments (2)

This is my favourite poem
Lovely piece, showing courage in the end....