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Blue Eyed Stranger
MD (9 April 1974 / Cape Town)

Blue Eyed Stranger

We don't know each other at all
We may as well be on opposite sides of a wall
But I've noticed you and I know you've seen me
I see your sadness and I can't let it be

A smile that could light up a stormy night
If you let it show, a personality so bright
Eyes as blue as a summer sky
So insecure, you seem so shy

Don't be scared, I just want to know
What makes you so sad, that you don't want to show
I don't think you even realise
The pain I see reflected in beautiful blue eyes

Just let it out, talk to me
A soul in distress, I can't let it be
I want to be a friend, perhaps a little more
I'm giving you the key, be brave, open the door

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Comments (5)

A very poignant and romantic write. The door to ones heart is opened by the one who holds the key. Nice.
Mandi This is a good poem, keep it up
i've been foolish enough to take those words, though, not in the same form and put them into action. It's not easy revealing the past. And it gets harder everytime the door is open, then a cold wind closes the door. Once you have that trust, you can bet you have her love, her heart, but not all her mind. One thing about trying to be strong is that every once in a while you won't ask for help. i keep jumping from this to that... you might not even understand this.... but i am sure there is someone out there who does. :) i love this poem :) for i was on the other side of the wall.
Another fabulous write, to be handed the key is the easy bit, I mean accepting it, but actually using it is another thing! many loiter just beyond the door forever. Brilliant write.
That, is beautiful Mandi. I sure hope those blue eyes turn your way and let you in.