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Take Time To...

Take time to smile -
even if it be
for a little while.

Take time to laugh
so that your worries
may reduce to half.

Take time to cry
and worry not that
your eyes will ever go dry.

Take time to believe
that you always can
for only then you really can.

Take time to think
before you can put down
your thoughts in ink.

Take time to eat
imagining that
your life is one big treat.

Take time to stop
or at least slow down your pace.
Aren’t you tired of being in this rat race?

Take time to look
lovingly at Mother Nature
for She is our greatest teacher.

Take time to pray
to the Lord each day
for never ceasing to give us this lovely day.

Take time to sleep -
only then alert and fit
will you be able to keep.

Take time to dream
each day and night -
of green hills and a clear stream.

Take time to live
for this is the only chance
we’ve got to live.

4 June 2010
10 am

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That is a really fine piece Michelle. Really enjoyed reading it!