Blue Faerie Moon

I search by envied pond, by light of this blue moon,
Heart fanes to see my nature’s nymph in all full glory’s bloom.
My faerie love once met me here but now has gone away.
I wait to see her once again as blue light fades to grey.

Still enchanted from the days we kissed upon this envied shore,
Souls met here to be as one, and hope to be once more.
This moon light shines my path, as I pass through Faerie Glen,
I make this pilgrimage of the heart to see her once again.

For many a moon I’ve wondered, if she still knows her way to here;
But still I come to this fair Faerie Wood in hopes she’ll find me near.
As night moves on, the worst I fear, her wings for good are lost;
I pray she finds them for her sake, no matter what the cost.

As time pass by, she forgets the truths of bygone faerie lore,
Only glimpses I have known since those days we knew before.
Many nights, have I traveled here to wait for her return,
Knowing rest must happen now if true love we’re to earn.

She told me once with teary eye, meet me here again she would.
She does not show herself for now so wait in vain I should.
Reckoning has come to her, I will not see her soon.
But come again shall I, upon this faerie moon.

by Russ von Ohlhausen

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