Blue Flame

Burns with a distinctive blue flame.

I wonder how that is,
The silent takeover of your body,
Without your knowledge,
Without your consent.
Molecule slowly replacing molecule
Until all the slots are filled,
Until there is no place for oxygen left.

They say,
(that nebulous “they” who are experts on everything) ,
That you get sleepy and then find peace
Of the eternal variety.

It started innocently enough,
I didn’t mean for it to happen,
But one word here and another one there.
Will you be there?
As deep as the molecules of my blood,
Replacing that which was empty with you,
Until there is no space for anything else.

My head spins, will there be eternal peace for me at the end,
Reflected in the blue flame of your eyes?

by SLee Denney

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Slee I enjoyed reading yo poem, keep writing