Blue Flames

Smoky area killing this fresh air
Screams coming through so unclear
Shaking from this thick air flogging my lungs
Through this screen filtering my sight
I can faintly see a blue light
It flickers as it licks up the world around it
It eats up those so called “buildings that will last forever”
But, I see them crumble while the blue light engulfs them
The screams more faint as the air becomes a deep gray but, I can still see
The bright blue flame
The wind becomes strong and lighting flashes; cool water falls splashing my face
The water cleans up the gray, my lungs now free and my head not feeling so light
My vision clear as the midnight sky
The cool water washes away the blue flames
And now through the night’s cool air I hear the screams of horror and pain
Vision now perfect I can see all the destroyed life
The blue flame although innocent ruined so many peoples lives
Crushed surroundings and wandering eyes such a beautiful blue flame changed my life

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Your Remind of Edgar Allen Poe sort of a dark side to writing This is good you are very expressive