Blue I Love You


Blue I love you
Although you are far away
Breeze I love you
As you touch me every time every day
Flowers I love you
Because you are all always happy and gay
Cool I love you
In appreciation of your gentle stylish touching way
Moon I love you
For you spread romantic feelings all my way
But when she comes with all of your qualities and glory
And when I am holding her in my arms with her softy smile
I can say love you only to her and to you all good bye

Comments about Blue I Love You

The magic of love is truly reflected in your poem and now I can say " I love your poems" ...10+++
there the love hugs everything step by step lovely poem penned
A love lorn heart sees beauty in all aspects of nature- -the blue of sky, the soft breeze, the moon beams- - -Such a lovely poem you have shared.Thanks for sharing.
Heartfelt rendition elegantly crafted in persuasive poetic expressions with conviction. An insightful composition with strong emotions. Thanks for sharing, Kavin.

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