AL (november 7,1957 / dapitan city)

Blue Jade Heaven

now the arrow pointed to the northern star, as the sun
watch along with the clouds in the sky, comes the
eyes of the moon, waiting the beginning of the glows
of rays, splendidly ride in the Dragon of every
sprouted blooms of the Cherry trees

be the way of lovely Daffodils, floats in the early moist
of cool fog, as it lingers your day with the wisdom of
the beautiful Lilies in the wild and capture the freezing,
silent of the night, oh! the humid of the breeze gallops
my dearest heart to wake up in the middle of my
sweeten sleep

why should i close my eyes when i feel the trembling
lips of waiting; open it again for you to come again in
my motionless feeling of love, take my tongue and be
the moment of wish of my mortal kiss

forward those looks and take the precious jewels of
journey of today, the golden fog, crystallized each drops
of dew, like color of your dream in the harmony of time
with me, decent those tears and traverse the rail on the
path of success with you, the high noon never dropp to

ring the Bell now and watch the river flow as the birds
bring the smooth perfume of dream in your midst of the
day, the light have come to witness that throne; and vow
to serve you forever dear, in the no where to find, yet!
only in my arm, i love you

it is not a blind goodbye that my heart depart, for
yesterday is forever lost, a history to pass bye and
tomorrow is just a mystery to believe in and today is the
gift of loving you forever; my dear blue jade of heaven,
my darling forever I will wait for you

you're the presence of mine..........

“this poem is dedicated to all widows and widowers “

……….someday you will find a new sweet beginning of
Memory to live ………

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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Nice and specially the ending two verses were composed brilliantly. Lovely write.