Blue Like The Ocean

Poem By dripping heart

Oh how your eyes prove this life is worth living.
I swear there was a glimpse of the promise land
while I got lost in your gaze. It's a blue that reminds
me of the calm ocean waters. If only we could make eye contact forever...... You have to be the one. I know you are the one.

Comments about Blue Like The Ocean

such beautiful poems you must a hav a heart of gold
its poems like these that make me wish the one i like had blue eyes.
ur eyes r sending shivers through my spine! i like it! ! keep it up! best wishes, emotional girl
oooOOooOoOOoo i like it! ! =]]
You write nice here...Keep writing. You might like some of mine. If you are a young adult, you will enjoy 'Puffy Pillows Block Out Halo' and others. I have a 19 year old, a 20 year old and a 23 year old. thank you.

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4,7 out of 5
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