(18 April 1839 – 1 August 1882 / Ulladulla, New South Wales)

Blue Mountain Pioneers

The dauntless three! For twenty days and nights
These heroes battled with the haughty heights;
For twenty spaces of the star and sun
These Romans kept their harness buckled on;
By gaping gorges, and by cliffs austere,
These fathers struggled in the great old year.
Their feet they set on strange hills scarred by fire,
Their strong arms forced a path through brake and briar;
They fought with Nature till they reached the throne
Where morning glittered on the great UNKNOWN!
There, in a time with praise and prayer supreme,
Paused Blaxland, Lawson, Wentworth, in a dream;
There, where the silver arrows of the day
Smote slope and spire, they halted on their way.
Behind them were the conquered hills — they faced
The vast green West, with glad, strange beauty graced;
And every tone of every cave and tree
Was as a voice of splendid prophecy.

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There, where the silver arrows of the day Smote and spire, they halted on their way....// excellent poetic expression
Well articulated and nicely embellished with poetic rhyme and rhythm. A poignant creation written with insight.
" They fought with Nature till they reached the throne" Determination tht led to success. Thanks for sharing. Kingsley Egbukole.
It looks like I stand corrected. I mistakenly thought it referred to the Blue Mountains of Virginia...I see it refers to Australia. Well I suppose that is another colonial settler society; where aboriginal people have been wiped off history's map.
A fitting tribute to all those pioneers who helped forge a new nation...beautifully written....although it's perhaps noteworthy that there is no mention of Native American people here.Such a glaring omission is necessary I suppose. Colonial settler states have to rely on their established poets/ artists to create epic, patriotic mythologies in order to justify their existence.I can think of several examples of where that still occurs in our modern world.
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