Blue Night

Poem By Karma Wangchuk

Once in a lonely hour,
The night was very unusual.
The moon light overshadowed the darkness,
The trees were dancing with winds.

There was exchange of smile between stars and rivers,
There I was in deep thoughts.
Walking with my own shadow,
In the land of nowhere.

Far distance from home,
I laid down on my back.
On the meadow of lashing grass,
Don't know what I felt.

But was in deep sadness,
To run away from life,
That's as far as I can go.
Tried to realize what was wrong.

Or may be, just may be,
I was fed up with life.
I did not fear death,
Cos that's where everyone must go.

So, still in this blue night,
I try to run away from life.
But that's as far as I can go,
May be life must go on at the end...

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