JDR (02/10/1963 / Brazil)

Blue Rose

As the legend was told centuries ago…
The one who find the blue rose
will become the King; the loved one’s King.
A symbol of true love…
Eternal love.
Some would travel thru the desert
Unknown places…
Some would never return.
Thus the one who travel in a black Arabian horse
Opening all the secret doors,
Doomed by the most pure emotions…
The one who cross the sea of death.
The one who will flung in a dreamlike journey
The one who believe in magic will be the King of my heart
It’s going to be the one to attain the beauty inside my soul.
It’s going to be the one who will bring a original blue rose.
The one who will be by my side forever!

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Jade Wow I like this one, nice work keep it up