Blue Ruin

Follow my ruin
Don’t be dazed
You said that and I was not scared
Together we walked and painted the sky
That single color canvas
On which we weaved stories with chapters of fiascos and tales
Some were incomplete
Some ended with a perfect phrase
We picked our own words
Used them like codes
The eyes sang most of the songs
We created the music that we cherished alone

Pictured an unusual address
In a country for country-haters as we called it
No fences only a sign pointing exit into the house
Walls painted in blue sapphire
Unleashing the hearts on fire
As we came close with the coffee rings
Moments melted away at the pine swings
Walks in the valley of divine
No directions, no guiding maps
Like sea-horses of the blue
Leaving unseen trails
Devoid of reason and rhyme

In my heart their runs a movie
You arrive and disappear as the moments go by
With a smile, sigh and betrayed -compassionate eyes
Asking the answer to the same question of love
Air filled with stubbornness
I kept on saying if love is the answer you seek
Then you are asking me the wrong kind of question
Everything starts squeezing out of the crescent moon light
A tune of you keeps me awake
That strum and the constant hum
Haunted by bits and pieces of you in all shades of navy blue
I follow my blue ruin every night.


Every ruin has an untold story


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