CR (26-12-1980 / Malaysia)

Blue Shingsa Covered In Debris - Cut Into 2 By 2 Pieces

No one wants to speak about it. Follow me down the railroad. And don't forget to kill the toad. Come on...come down...come out from where you hide.

Turn the lights off so we can see shit. The first one hurt so bad - the hit. The rest makes me numb...come down...come out from where you hide.

Only happy in a reverie...only sleepy in your arms...only weeping when you do...only feeling when you don't...only bending when you break.

So the grass is greener over the sun's hotter over the action speaks louder than word.

Everyone wants to speak about it. Don't follow me down the railroad. I forgot to kill the toad. Don't come down...don't give a shit...don't come down to the place I hide.

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Comments (3)

Chosen reject Amazing poetic style here, well done
hmm very interesting.
You want something to rhyme with toad at the end of this imo Chosen Reject, otherwise, it has a sweet country flowing feel to it. More like a song. Love the title. working on the railroad! Tai