Blue Sky?

Blue sky yesterday
Grey today
Did the blue sky
Go away?

What is blue
And sunny too?
The blue sky
Hiding behind the grey.

Grey today
But with blue sky
Waiting to come out
And play.

The sun is laughing
At my blueness
Blue sky with its greyness
Never meant for sadness.

Blue sky here today
But with a greyness
Covering all the blueness
This is what I want to say.

by David Taylor

Comments (5)

Mr Taylor This is a good poem, keep it up
This is a very cute piece David. I like its simplicity and it's Winnie the Pooh philosophy and spirit. I guess it's all about the half full glass (or was it half empty?) . Clever poem. love, Allie xxxx
It's all about the sun! \! / -O- / I \
Why do the stars keep on shining? Why is the sky so blue? Don't you know it's the way it will be, the gray will always turn to Blue! ! ! ! ! Hoping our [finally] blue skys will head 'across the pond' towards you. nice David, a nice soothing
Why is the sky blue? ? Hugs, Dee