Blue Suicide

As blank as a board.

As long as that mile.

As lifeless as the child.

Who the theropist had filed.

Didnt seem to bad.

She said she didnt cut herself.

But it was so her aunt wouldnt get mad.

While trying to reach out for help.

She wanted to change.

For her friend who delt with her pain.

Knowing she has to do this.

Wishing for his kiss.

Not knowing she is clueless.

What is the right thing.

Am I doing it right.

Am I making the right change.

Not cutting at night.

Getting rid of her blades.

Looking up rubberbands.

She still feels shes in that cage.

Filled with nothing but cants.

Wanting him to call.

But she made that stupid mistake.

Walking down the hall.

Building up her sake.

Feeling hes not there.

Even when he says I LoveYou.

Thinking you cared.

And again not having a clue.

Why you were there.

And im still feeling blue.

by Tiara Neal

Comments (3)

Being alone is like hell on earth, the therapists say we understand you and we want to help they only make everything worse. Everyone has a time when they feel like there is nothing left to live for, but if you think about how different the world would be if you werent born, you may realize how different it could be. You may say bullshit, but think of it this way, every person who has ever said hello to you talked to you or even your teachers, without certain people being there then everything would be different. At first the chain reaction would seem small but when you add the numbers up it would be very big. As for the cutting problem it may feel like your problems sink away when you first start, and you don't feel the pain, but the more you do it the more it huts. And mentally you keep saying it makes me feel better, you repeat these words and soon you believe them (this goes for no one would miss me when i'm dead, but when you look around you and at your friends you'll hopfully realise what you have however little it is) Mutilating your body will not help you it only makes the problems get bigger, and more complex, and face it they get harder and harder to hide. I'm not trying to make you feel bad or anything, i know what your going through, and its very hard. especially when you pretend to be happy just to keep your friends from worrying. When you first try to stop cutting it is difficult, because its like an addiction, But the longer you go without hurting yourself, the better you could feel. Your friends(very good friends) and Family(I know they sometimes make everything worse but there can be a SELECT few who will do what they can to help) will be there for you! Talk to someone who you could trust with your life (therapists are an option but they don’t really understand they just listen for money) And let some of these feelings out. I dont try to preach i only want to help. i wish you luck And i hope this will help you some. A wise person i knew once said you dont know what you have until its gone, and this is true for many things. (sorry for the length but i know what ur goin thru, dont let the feelings eat away at your life)
Sadness is a lonely street that we all have at one time, walked down aimlessly and forlorn and sad. Just don't let depression run your life to ruin. Good poem of a long suffering sadness. God bless-Michael Jeffrey Gale.
Thats a really touching poem, many people feel that way so don't worry, ur not alone, even though it feels like it.