Blue Walls

In this room I feel hopeless.
In the other room I see and feel darkness.
I retreat deeper into the hopeless room.
I can’t help but to think …
What lies beyond the dark room?
I ponder this in hopeless despair.
I’m scared to move past the dark room.
Too scared to move.
Even though the possibility of something more lurks.
The pale blue walls suddenly turn a bright yellow.
I am now in a hope filled room.
Now I weep for the hope, yet I am still frozen.
I wipe the tears away from my face.
I calm myself and gather my strength.
I grasp the door knob.
The warmth only reminds me of her gentile smile.
Pulling the door ajar, I look into the empty abyss.
I run into the darkness, looking for a light to follow.
I find a door, I grasp the handle.
My hand surrounds the cold handle.
I twist the frozen handle now pushing into the room.
This room is unfamiliar to me.
I look at the walls; they appear to be a pale blue.
In this room I feel helpless.

by Stephen Howard

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An insightful depiction of life at it's lowest ebb, well articulated and nicely penned from the heart with conviction. Thanks for sharing Stephen.