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Bluebirds Don'T Fly
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Bluebirds Don'T Fly

Poem By Bill Simmons

Have you ever really looked at the moon
Have you ever gazed at the sky
Have you ever wondered why life it is
What makes us so different inside

Have you really ever known love
Have you ever felt it's touch
And if so could you walk away
Could one day you just give it up

Of all the things in this world to be
It is love the one thing that's free
You know it is there because you somehow care
Although your eyes won't allow you to see

Have you ever held a small bird in hand
Have you ever watched as it died
Have you ever seen the birth of a child
As it took first breath of life

Have you ever felt the breeze on your face
Or the raindrops that fall on your skin
Have you ever wondered while you walk this earth
Who's world that you're living in

Have you ever wondered why when something dies
It makes us feel different inside
For those that do they know love and it's truths
Those that don't, Well, bluebirds don't fly.

Copyright 2005 Bill Simmons
aka BillWilliamStar@aol.com

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