Bluenote Blues

When you're feeling empty, put down, unworthy, disrespected, nothing seems to be going right, you're tired and weary, Sometimes all you want to do in lay on that couch or crawl in your bed and cover up, wiping the tears from your eyes.
Well you know what, you have to grab hold of yourself, pick yourself up. Go in the kitchen and get the biggest glass you can find. Fill it with water and drink it down. Stand there and feel it going through your body, washing all your organs as it moves through. Take a deep breath, bring it in deep and push it out slowly. Take a walk into the place in your home that has the largest mirror., Now take a look at the miracle you are and say it out loud...I'am God's precious miracle, I'm beautiful or I'm handsome and I'm Blessed, I'm worthy and I deserve the best. No one, that's right let no one ever put you down, stand up for yourself, believe in yourself and love yourself.
If you are blind, you can still see as a miracle unfolds beneath your fingertips. Love what you feel and see through your hands. Embrace the beauty of God's love.
Take a shower, let the water caress you from head to toe...Get dressed, and if possible get out of your house even if only to walk to your garden, or down the street, or to sit on the steps and listen to the birds. In front of my home, I can watch the squirrels run around all day long.
Stay off your couch and out of your bed. Call someone and say, I love you, that's all I have to say, I'll call you again another day.
Blessings to you people, we only have one body, take care of you mentally and physically.
Be kind to yourself and be kind to others in words and in deeds.
Love Always

by Melvina Germain

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