What A Day! ! !

Ti's a day with no clouds
A day of much agony inscribed in
A day of many cats and dogs all matching
All going towards my destiny
But at a distance, I see you coming.
What a day to behold.

Ti's a day of gloom
A day worth detesting and exhuming
A day to count seeds of discomfort
Yet I can see your shadow
Though at a distance from me
But it is a day to venture

Ti's a day to call a day
A day to smile and laugh about
A day to hug and kiss sorrows away
Yet a day to welcome you home to harmony
And finally erase my last tear dropp away
For at last ti's a day to make merry.

by Aron Lelei

Comments (3)

Yeh! ..we are all lazy not just you..think inward the way you did..knowing the fault yet staying silent...Thanks.
Eliza This is a good poem, keep it up
very good poem. looking forward to read more of your poems