Till We Torment Trouble

Till-we the gatekeepers-show courage
To quench the thirst for domestic violence
That plagues many a marriage and its carriage
Condemnation and castigation greet our stout silence.

Till-we the stakeholders-promote perseverance
To blanch broken bridges
That plunge us in a trance
We won't scale and subdue rampart ridges.

Till-we the foot soldiers-vow to rid
Our lives of ineptitude
Acceleration and momentum will wield
Powers to paralyse both our fortitude and latitude.

Till-we the salt of the Earth-bruise ruses
To embark on informed initiatives
That drive and thrive crucial cruises
We won't pander to prerogatives.

by John Sensele

Comments (3)

Sprawled in the gutter, I remember a few watchers waved loudly, and one kid's mother shouting like 'Jackie' or 'Terry, ' 'now that's enough! ' It's nothing really. They don't get enough love. - - - - Amazing, isn't it? Sheer power ripples sardonically through this scene, Absolutely top notch writing
Derek This is a good poem, keep it up
Derek This is a good poem, keep it up