Blunder! ! ! !

As i sit infront of the window,
i listen to the birds chirping..
and see the clouds floating....

suddenly...i start realising...
that my door is open and teh robbers entering
then i start screaming
looking me, the robbers start running...
i see one of them falling......
i jump on him n start tickling....

he keeps laughing laughing...
then suddenly the phone starts ringing

i picked the call to know who is calling
and in the hand starts itching
this often happens to me cos i dont like bathing
the robber thinks that i am crying

the robber starts fainting
since im stinking
i realise how good is not bathing...

'POLICE, POLICE ' i start shouting
and finally the police come in and start clapping

i feeling someone beating
that is my mom shouting
to wake me up in early morning
and realise that i was actaully DREAMING

PS: please stop your head from banging

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