MJC (1/27/92 / Edina, MN)


I still try to make sense of how it happened.
A trip, a stutter, a falter
An accidental lunge, a misstep;
My ineffectual bricks for feet couldn't find ground
Even under good circumstances.
All I remember was the sick twinge before falling.
The realization that it's all over.
Hands flew out to grab a beam
But they went through like a mirage.
Ten step skip,
So quick to be face down
On cold sawdusted concrete,
Trying to breathe through debris and coagulation.
Trying to keep calm in my hysterics
While my aluminum strongholds scatter like discovered mice.
As she runs, unabashed of her franticness,
I watch as vermillion runs like molasses down my nose
And plops into this plush puddle which is my pillow.
Eerily calm and detached by this display of my vulnerability,
Self-aware of my mortality,
Alone in my silence, I started to scream.
It clicked.
I still try to make sense of how it happened.

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