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Blurred Focus
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

Blurred Focus

Poem By Kaspa Richards

Its three thirty two and what can I do?
With my mind working over time thinking of you,
Don’t get it twisted it’s not a happy feeling,
Im not wide awake staring at the ceiling
With a smile on my face thinking how I love you dearly,
You just got an affect on me where I can’t think or see clearly
It’s just when I don’t see you my world seems dreary
More grey then colorful more sad then cheery
But when your hear I feel a lil less weary
My grey world becomes blurred when your stir my optic nerve with your curves and that arse of yours that swerves so rightly and freely,
This is my theory so take notice,
Why you’re in my head isn’t love or hocus pocus
Its jus the essence of who u are blur what’s near n far till your the only one in focus,
I don’t mean your unlovable in fact your so god damn loveable
That I can’t allow myself to fall for you, coz I know it’s not probable,
If I fall ill burst the bubble for us to be left with double trouble,
One little reason your in my mind is because you intrigue me
When you see me I can’t read you which is a skill I can use at will with other people near me

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hahaha u should be a rapper. if u freestyled that then thats insane lolz. peace out kaspa the rappa lolz