Blythe Baird- Skirt Steak Girls

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The only girl in a handful of backseat boys,
I sit shotgun without calling it. The song pounding through the radio says Bitch every Bitch other Bitch word.

One boy assures me I am not like other girls.
Out of habit, I thank him for the compliment.

I listen to them speak of women like menus;
lace skirt
trimmed steak.

I cross my legs and neatly fold my voice
into a teal blue Tiffany's box.

This is the part where I prove that I am chill.
I can hang, guys. Who says feminists are a buzzkill?

As we turn the corner, there is a gaggle of young women.
The driver of the car I am in leans out the window and spits

How much?

Eyes wide as dinner plates,
they scurry away like shot pool balls,
as I have done so many times. before

The whole van hoots, fist-bumps, hollers.
There are not enough seats
for both a woman
and the joke
to fit comfortably in the car.

I keep my rant about feminism and rape culture as a ponytail holder around my wrist.

In a fish tank of predators, I wonder if I, too, am a predator by association.

When I get the courage to say something,
I am two weeks late and encouraged by Bacardi.

I start by assuring him that he is a Good Person,
which is why I'm telling him this in the first place.

I have to make this matter to him.
I have to bring up
his sister, his mother, his girlfriend-
I have to make this somehow relate back to him.

It is the dilemma of the woman who
wishes to inform
the sexist, politely.

It is the dilemma of the woman
who wishes to be heard-

Let us give you this reality check
with a spoonful of sugar.

Let us make this easier for you to hear
than it is for us to live.'

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