Bob Dylan, And Me.

I know Bob Dylan well.
Grew up with him,

by Martin Swords Click to read full poem

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klap klap klap a dedicated fan...
A great tribute to a great poet. Congrats on having it selected as poem of the day!
Grew up with him, we all did... great line
An unconventional and contemporary relationship between a renowned singer and his fan remembered and delineated beautifully through this lovelypoem. A great tribute to Bob: I’m glad we grew together / In interesting changing times / We never met / But it’s alright /... The singer sings / So others hear the song.
The singer sings! And his friend puts down the notes. Nice dedication.
Well written tribute to the poet AND his readers- a symbiotic relationship if there ever was one. Well done.
I too, grew up with Bob Dylan, but we have grown apart. I went to see him live in London and walked out when I realised that the din he was making was actually Desolation Row. This is one of my favourites, yet he was more than half-way through before it dawned on me. Sad, very sad.
I like the clever way you interact with Dylan here...having never met, you still become intimate with him, for his part is of no use...without you to do yours. Beholden to each other..nice
Bob sums your poem up well with his latest album 'Together Through Life'
those last two lines are so powerful. You have a great ability to say it how it is. Thank you
Wonderful tribute to Bob Dylan. When I was younger, his songs often played in the background when I was creating poetry. Kind regards, Sandra
Dylan and Cohen, they are the Masters... Great poem... Colin J...
Dylan's maybe the only songwriter I've ever considered a poet. Great songwriter, and great poem.
I grew up with dylan too as a matter of fact I’m listing to him right now needless to say you know I like this one too