Bob Hope Esquire

My good friend, Bob, deserves acclaim! He loved to make folks laugh!
Indeed, this was his claim to fame... and now his epitaph...
His mind was like a library - one-liners as a rule!
His heart was good as gold, you see! That's why he played the fool!
His long nose was like a ski slope that's always heading south!
Despite his 'snozz', he learnt to cope and utilised his mouth!
Do you remember fondly, too? He flirted all the time!
He told each girl, 'Sure, I love you! Hey, babe, you look sublime! '
He charmed us all: half wit, half style! He made us grin and grin!
God blessed us with Bob's roguish smile... and also with his chin!
Bob played the hero with panache! We hoped he would succeed -
Especially as folks paid him cash to star and play the lead!
I pray my good friend Bob's received in Heaven, by the Lord...
And all lost golf balls are retrieved as part of his reward!

by Denis Martindale

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