JG (5th July 1988 / Manchester, England)

Bobs Bad Day (May Be Found Offensive)

I’ll tell you a story of a man who was coy.
Bob was his name and was practically a boy.
Thin was his structure and pale was his skin,
Only had half a b*llock so he never had kin.
A wife he had and a job that paid well,
But Bob’s wife was cheating,
So he sent both them to hell.
Tied them to chairs, tortured in ways I’ll describe,
Like raping his wife and pulling out the man’s eyes.
And so starting, Bobs Bad Day...

Bob rang a drug dealer, he needed a smoke.
But the drug dealer robbed him and now Bob was broke.
So Bob grabbed his shotgun and a samurai too,
He knew where he lived and knew what to do.
Bob kicked down door, shot his mum and dad in the head,
The dealer was crying,
So off with his legs.
This wasn’t enough and Bob didn’t stop there,
Got deodorant, a lighter and burnt off the dealer’s hair.
Then decided to go to the pub...

Bob walked to the bar, sat and ordered his drink,
But needed a sh*t and a moment 2 think.
Went to the loo followed by a man reeking of booze.
The drunk dropped his kecks and p*ssed on Bobs shoes.
Bob flew into rage, the drunk fell into shock,
After a one-sided fight,
Bob made the drunk s*ck on his c*ck.
He left the drunk raped, battered and bruised,
Finished his drink and cleaned off his shoes.
And was promptly arrested...

You see Bob was quiet, felt left out and alone,
Bullied at work, school and even at home.
All of these years Bob kept his anger in well,
But could hold it no longer and now he’s locked in a cell.
So bare this in mind next time you treat someone bad.
Think of the consequences,
And of the day Bob had.
Locked in a cell for saying “F*ck you” back.
Day after day Bob plans his next attack.

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